KulturCity Sensory Bags Available 

One day while sitting in a restaurant in Alabama, Mrs. Koppel noticed some bags hanging on the wall. She went to check them out and saw they were KultureCity bags, immediately she knew National Martial Arts had to have them. She and Mr. Koppel went through the online training KultureCity provided and now their bags are available at NMA. 
We always want everyone to feel included at our martial arts school, and know that sometimes the loudness can be overwhelming. These bags are available to checkout for free while you are in the school and must be returned after class. Whether your child is participating or there to watch, the bags are available for use. 

We have rooms in the back of the building that can be used for calming rooms if your child is feeling overwhelmed. 


Items in bags are:

KultureCity VIP Lanyard 

Noise Cancelling Earmuffs

3 Fidget Toys

Feeling Thermometer

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